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yCode Combo Box v2.0 provides functionality similar to a Windows combo-box. Combo-box consists of a SELECT box combined with INPUT TEXT control. The SELECT box portion of the control drops down when the user clicks the drop-down arrow next to the control. Currently selected item (if any) in the SELECT box is displayed in the TEXT control. In addition, the user can enter text directly into the TEXT control.

The Combo Box is implemented as an HTC component in JavaScript and can be easily included in any html page.

There are many situations where a combo box is useful. One example is entering an email address: you may select one from the SELECT box or just type one in.

So, give it a try! (Note: it can run on IE5.5, 6.0, and later browsers only.)

e.g. enter email address:   

Programmer controls:
  • Whether entries in the SELECT box are sorted
  • Whether values not existing in the SELECT box are allowed to be typed in
  • Whether values that already exist in the SELECT box are looked up as the user types data in
  • Whether above options are case-sensitive
  • Length of user's input
  • Styles, such as text color, backround color, font, and more
  • Values can be added to or deleted from the Combo Box
  • Both the selected text string and a corresponding SELECT box value can be retrieved and/or posted by a form
Please follow the link to view a more Advanced Example. It demonstrates all combo-box functions and properties in action.

Other functionality can be added upon request. Please contact sales@yCode.com for more information.

Note: the source code for this page is copyrighted.

You can Download the source code and documentation. Should you decide to use it, you can purchase the Intranet/Extranet license by sending $25 to sales@yCode.com - our paypal account: