Ycode: Your Squarespace alternative

Squarespace is great if you're new to website building. Pick a template, make edits, et voilà! However, your design and editing options are very limited, and it lacks a dynamic content feature.

Ycode is as easy to use and comes with far greater flexibility and features to build amazing websites. Create custom designs, connect Airtable, and make websites interactive—all without knowing how to code.



Easily drag and drop elements from the top panel. To style and customize elements, the advanced design sidebar lets you add backgrounds, adjust colors, set shadows, and more—in different states (like when hovering over).


In Squarespace, most of your web design is set in stone, depending on the template. The style editor lets you customize elements, but your options are limited. Some people find it difficult to edit and add content blocks.

Build from scratch
Start with a template
Clone projects
Responsive design
Custom states
Advanced design settings
Global design settings

User authentication


Create dedicated pages (signup, login, password reminders, etc) all within Ycode. No third-party tool is needed. The authentication pages are prebuilt, and you can either edit them or build your own.


Squarespace offers login forms for pop-ups or pages. There's also a member space feature, where you can create (paid) member-only pages that are hidden from the public eye.

Built-in authentication
Automatic pages Paid plan

Dynamic content


Create a local database and import data one by one, in bulk, or through integrations. Then connect elements to data fields and make content dynamic so it automatically updates whenever you make database changes.


Dynamic content requires the Squarespace Developer Platform and knowledge of JSON-T. Directories are available, but data needs manual updates unless you add a plug-in. Online shops can upload product data, but bulk-editing requires a paid plan.

Local database Advanced skills needed
Simple database UI Advanced skills needed
Import data in bulk Paid plan, product data only
Import data one-by-one Available in online shop
Dynamic content Advanced skills needed



It's easy to quickly build your web layout! Choose from various elements to drag and drop into your canvas.


Squarespace version 7.1 (2020) allows you to add content blocks like text, images, and forms to customize pages.

Intuitive builder
Responsive elements
HTML embed
Custom code
Drag and drop builder



Ycode produces clean, semantic code for fast page loads and mobile-friendly designs. With in-built SEO tools, you can add static and dynamic titles, descriptions, and more. You can also exclude certain pages from search results.


Squarespace gives you the standard set of SEO tools. Just like Ycode, you can set built-in meta tags and markups, use custom URLs and Google Index, add social media integration, and much more.

Clean code
SEO meta data
Social sharing data
Exclude from search results



You can connect any external API. You only need a base URL to connect APIs in Ycode. There's also a native Airtable integration, making it super simple to connect and sync data from Airtable to Ycode.


Third-party integrations add more advanced features to your Squarespace website, like fulfillment logistics, conversion optimization, live chat, ads management, and email marketing.

Native Airtable integration
External APIs Plug-in only



Ycode's hosting is reliable and secure. Use the auto-generated Ycode subdomain or connect your own custom domain. All web projects come with an SSL certificate. In the future, there will be the option to export your code.


Hosting, unlimited bandwidth and storage, SSL encryptions, public URLs, and the ability to connect a custom domain are all included. There's the option to export a CSV file, though this file isn't sufficient if you want to host your website elsewhere.

Automatic public URL
Custom domain
Export code Coming soon

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