Let the good times roll! Under Effects you can change the opacity of elements, add shadows and make things pop with animations.

Tip: Oftentimes animations are used when hovering over an element (like a button). To add an effect when people hover over an item, switch to the Hover state and add the effect to the element in this view.


Click the dropdown menu to choose a percentage or change the slider to set the correct number. With 100% opacity the element is fully shown and 0% makes it disappear (as the element is transparent).


Shadow works like a charm when you want to add depth to elements. You can pick from shadow outside or inside the element.

If you go for Inside shadow, you can only pick the option base. This adds a light shadow border inside.

For Outside shadow, you can pick from a range of extra small to two times extra large shadows.

Click the trash can icon to delete the shadow effect.


You can make elements move with a variety of animation effects:

  • None no movement

  • Spin turning around in a circle

  • Ping increases and then pops like a balloon

  • Pulse fades in and out

  • Bounce bounces up and down like an excited dog

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