Filters let you transform an element (most commonly used on images) using different graphical editing techniques. 

In this documentation, we will give you an overview of all of the filters available on Ycode!

Where to find filters

Open any of your projects, on the Right-hand side under Design you will have a Filters section, by clicking on it, you will see all of the filters available to you.

What filters are available?

Each filter option has a different purpose and will interact with your elements in a different way.

Blur: It blurs your element making it less distinct.

Brightness: Adjusts your image luminosity level.

Contrast: Use the contrast slide to adjust the relative levels of dark and light areas in your image.

Saturate: You can make your elements more intense and vivid in color or do the contrary and make it closer to grayscale.

Hue rotate: Rotates the hue of an element.

Grayscale: The element will only contain black, white and gray colors, with the grays having multiple levels.

Invert: Reverses the colors of an element.

Sepia: A reddish-brown color associated with monochrome photographs of the 10th and early 20th centuries.

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