Database setup

The database is where all your dynamic content is stored. Databases can also be called CMS, short for Content Management System.

Adding a database

To get started, let’s first create a new database. If you don’t have any databases yet, click on the + Create local database button. In the screen on the right, you can now add a name for your database.

Adding fields

Fields define the format in which your data is added. By default, there are four in-built fields displayed that cannot be removed. 

These fields are:

  1. Created date

  2. Updated date

  3. Name

  4. Slug

Click the + Add field button on the right to add a new field. Choose from rich text, number, true/false, phone number, file, YouTube video, reference and more.

Once added you can give the field a name and, when applicable, insert a default value (like a default number or email).

Editing and removing fields

If you wish to remove fields, simply hover over the data field. You’ll see the color changing to a lighter grey. On the far right you can then click the Pencil icon to edit the field, or the Trash icon to remove a field.

How to import data
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