SVG icons

If you’re a designer, you probably love icons (or at least, work with them quite a lot).

The best icon format is without a doubt SVG. With this format, you can easily change the size and color of the icons. But to make these changes, you need to import SVG as code. And that’s exactly what Ycode supports.

Uploading SVG icons

  1. Navigate to the File manager

  2. Import your SVG code or Upload icons

  3. Add the icons in your Canvas

Editing SVG icon colors

  1. Select the icon you want to edit

  2. Go to Color in design settings, and edit the color

  3. Go to Background in design settings, and edit the background color

In the video below, you can see how you can edit the icon colors and add a background color.

Editing SVG icon states

  1. Select the icon you want to edit

  2. Select the Hover state

  3. Edit the icon and background color in Design settings

  4. Go back to the Neutral state to see how the hover state is changed

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