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Use the authentication type form to create different types of authentication pages like login, logout, sign up, new password and reset password pages.

Note: Keep in mind that Ycode has a setting that gives you the ability to enable Authentication, and in doing so, automatically the builder creates a user database, signup, login, new password, reset password and all the workflows necessary for those pages to work.

Go to the Top panel and select the fourth icon, the Form icon, and select Form. Then with the form selected, go to the Right-hand side and go to Settings, here under the Form section you will have Type, here select Authentication.

Under Type you will have Action, choose the one that will suit the authentication form your building the best, there are five types of actions you can choose from:

  • Sign up

  • Login

  • Logout

  • Reset password

  • Set new password

Now we have to create a workflow for our form Button element, the workflow will be the same for all Actions except Logout. 

For Logout, the workflow we want to create is Other -> Logout. For all the others, the workflow we want to create is under Data -> Submit form. We recommend checking our workflow documentation if you have any questions.

You can give your Button element an ID name, then navigate to the Workflows tab on the left-hand side. In this view, click on + Create workflow and select Click here to add an event. Then choose Elements followed by Clicked, finally, select the element ID.

Then click on Click here to add an event once more and select Data followed by Submit form or Other -> Logout. Finally, name your workflow and click on Create workflow. You're done!

You can also simply right-click on the Button element and select Create page workflow, with this the element will be assigned a random ID name and you simply need to follow the previous step.

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