Data form

Data forms can be used to collect information from website visitors, which will be added to your database. This form can only be created when you have an existing database.

In the database tab, click on + Create local database. Then add a name (we named our “Data”) and click on Create database.

Depending on what type of data to collect, you can add more fields to your database by clicking on + Add field and choosing the field type.

For example, if you want to collect feedback for your product, you would need:

  • Name (text field)

  • Feedback (text area field)

Now let's build the data form. In your Canvas, add a form element from the top panel. With the form selected, open the Settings tab on the right-hand side and under Data form, select the Source (the database we just created).

You can now design your form and add different elements.

In the top panel, click the Form icon and choose all the elements and inputs to add to your form. Afterward, don’t forget to add a Submit button!

Now select the Submit button and open the Settings tab again. Under Attributes, give this button element an ID name. We named ours “Submit”.

Next up we need to create a workflow so that when the button is clicked, the data is added to the database.

Navigate to the Workflows tab on the left-hand side. In this view, click on + Create workflow and select Click here to add an event. Then choose Elements followed by Clicked. Finally, select the element ID we named in the previous step ("Submit").

Then click on Click here to add an event once more and select Data followed by Submit form. Finally, name your workflow and click on Create workflow. You're all set!

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