Google Fonts

Many of us have that one specific Google Font that they just LOVE to use for their web projects. Or perhaps you like to try a bunch of different options before settling on the final font for your website or app. In any case, web fonts are an important part of your design.

With Ycode, you can choose from and add many Google Fonts. Here's how that works.

Adding Google Fonts

Log in to Ycode and open one of your projects. Then in the editor, navigate to the menu on the far-left and open the Design controls section. This brings you to the section where you can add custom colors and fonts. Then click on Fonts under Typography.

Let's add a font! Click on + Add font, click in the Select font to add field, and then choose from a list of all available Google Fonts. Use the search bar to look for a specific font. Once you've found your font, click on Add font. You'll see a preview of the font after it's been added.

Then back in the canvas, insert a text element from the top panel or select an existing text element. With the element selected, open the Design sidebar and click on Typography. In the unfolded menu, you'll see Typeface. You can now pick the Google Font you've previously added.