Inline text

Inline text is perfect for short text, like a price label attached to a product.

With inline text, you have more flexibility. As the word says, this HTML element is in-line, creating a <span> tag. This means the code is added on the same line.

In inline text, you can insert styling tags, like to make the text Italic.

You can also select words or sentences and use your keyboard shortcuts (like ⌘ + B on Mac to make text Bold).

Note: Bold, italic, underline and transforms (such as scale, rotate and others) will work only if inline block or block option is selected in Layout.

Adding inline text

An inline text element can be inserted into your canvas by navigating to the top panel and clicking the T icon to open the dropdown menu.

The element contain a dummy text that you can replace by double-clicking on the text. You can type or paste your text directly on the canvas.

And remember, if you want to make a change that applies to all inline text on your page, go to the Body level and add the change there.