Our mission

Ycode’s mission is to make visual coding as powerful and flexible as coding by hand. We offer a visual tool that's free of limitations and helps you to quickly build your vision, without any technical barriers along the way.

3 reasons why you will love Ycode

1. Ycode is visual and intuitive

Ycode is a complex piece of software, but luckily you won't have to deal with any of this! Your workspace is visual, intuitive and best of all, easy to get the hang of!

You will build websites and apps with visual elements, while Ycode writes clean code in the background. Our Laravel PHP is as good (or dare we say: even better) as code written by human developers.

2. Easy code that everyone can understand

If you present a developer with Ycode's exported code, we promise they'll understand it perfectly. Our clean code makes it easy for developers to jump in and continue what you've started.

3. We use the best CSS framework

In the frontend, Ycode uses Tailwind CSS, also known as, the most progressive and fastest-growing CSS framework that’s currently available.

And wait, there's more!

We're working on a feature that lets you easily export your app to host it somewhere else. Unlike other no-code tools, we don't do vendor lock-in (less flexibility, less fun).

What you can build with Ycode

With Ycode, you can build websites and web apps that run on the most popular open-source technologies like Laravel and Tailwind CSS.

Design sleek signup forms to collect data. In our working databases, you can create fields and establish relationships between different tables.

All databases come with automatic API support, so you can access your data from anywhere. If you want to grab data from other APIs, you can too. We support external APIs.

Let's get started, shall we?
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