Inviting users and managing roles

Working with more than one person on a project? No problem!

Ycode allows you to invite other people to collaborate with you, which is especially useful for agencies and any company that’s building with two or more people on a single project. And, each invited person can be assigned a role with predefined permissions as well.

Inviting users and managing roles

Log in to your Dashboard and select Users on the left side.

To invite someone, navigate to the top left and click Invite user. Then add the email of the person you’d like to invite and select the role and permissions.

Choose from three types of roles:

  • Administrator: Has full access, can perform all actions within the account

  • Designer: Can design and develop projects, plus edit and publish content

  • Content Manager: Can edit and publish content

You will see a temporary profile added. In there, you can either Resend the email invitation or Remove the account before they can even accept the invitation (in case you made a mistake).

Once the user you invited accepts the invitation, you’ll be able to edit their permissions. Click on Edit, select the new role and click Confirm. You can also click Remove to delete someone’s user profile.