Lists are either numbered or bulleted. In Ycode, you’ve got the option to add lists (the entire thing) and list items (one row of a list).

Adding a list

To add a list, navigate to the top panel. Look for the Square icon, unfold and click List (comes with 3 list items) or List item.

To add text, select a list item and then insert a Text block from the top panel (you can find this option under the T icon). You can create lists containing everything, from headings to videos.

Duplicating and deleting

To duplicate a list or a list item, right-click and select Copy. You can do the same to paste (except obviously clicking Paste). If you want to speed things up, you can use your keyboard shortcuts:

  • ⌘ (Mac) or Control (Windows) + C for copying

  • ⌘ (Mac) or Control (Windows) + V for pasting


By default, your list will show up as a bulleted list. Navigate to the Design tab and unfold List to choose a different type of list. You can choose from:

  • Disc

  • Decimal

  • No indicator

If you have your list in, for example, a container, you can also choose to display the bullets or numbers inside or outside the container.

If you’d like to create more spacing between the bullets/numbers and the element next to it (such as text), you can click on the element (text) and increase the padding on the left side in the Design tab under Spacing. Make sure to click the lock icon to add padding for separate directions (left).

You can also add more space between the rows by selecting List item and then adding padding to the top or bottom in the Design tab under Spacing.

To quickly add the same padding for all list items, right-click on the List item and click Copy style. Then right-click again and Paste style.