Paragraphs are block elements with text inside. They’re best used for, surprise, paragraphs (like a website intro).

If you see a paragraph coded in HTML, you’ll see that every paragraph starts on a new line. It’ll look like this:

<p>This would be the first paragraph</p> 
<p>And this is then the second paragraph</p>

If you add a paragraph block, you can do one thing (and one thing only): write text. If you want to make text bold, then you can do this in the Design tab, but the style applies to the entire paragraph.

Adding a paragraph

A paragraph element can be inserted into your canvas by navigating to the top panel and clicking the T icon to open the dropdown menu.

The element contain a dummy text that you can replace by double-clicking on the text. You can type or paste your text directly on the canvas.

And remember, if you want to make a change that applies to all inline text on your page, go to the Body level and add the change there.