Project and account plans

In Ycode, you can choose from both Project and Account plans.

Project plans

These plans apply to individual projects. There's a Free project plan with limited features and space that can be used… you guessed it: for free! This is the perfect plan to start your Ycode adventure with!

Once you're ready to upgrade, you can pick from either a Basic or Extra monthly plan. Both plans unlock access to all of Ycode's features and an unlimited number of pages!

In the Extra plan, you'll get more data and storage, which is perfect for apps with more than 500,000 monthly visits or those that need lots of space.

Account plans

Account plans are to manage users and projects within an account. You can add additional seats for people to collaborate on projects and unlock unlimited project creation within one account.

You can choose from two different monthly plans: Personal and Pro.

The Personal plan is free and for solo builders.

To add a new user, you can purchase a Pro plan. This also adds the project transfer feature and gives you access to our live chat, where you can chat with people in real-time.

For more details on the project and accounts plan, visit our pricing page.

How to upgrade project plans
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