Meet backups! With this nifty feature, you'll never have to worry about losing your project progress. Backups can be used to recover older versions of your app or to restore data that was deleted.

You can also use backups to experiment with your app design and revert your changes when it doesn't quite look like how you imagined it to be. (can someone create this feature for haircuts too, please?)

How to back up projects

Backups can be made manually in Ycode.

Head over to your Ycode dashboard and choose which project you want to back up. Click on the ellipsis button below the project (those three horizontal dots) and select Settings.

Then head to the left-hand side and click Backups. This will open a list of all available backups (if you've made any yet).

To start the process, click on Create a backup, name it, and select Save backup. This will create a new backup of your project, including the number of pages, database entries, and the amount of GB used.

You can now always go back to these settings and click the Restore button to use this version of your app.

When you click the restore button for the first time, an automatic backup will be created before proceeding to restore the project. This way, you can always return to your project's previous state.

You can also click the Trash can icon to delete the backup version.

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