If you’re looking for a quick way to get started with Ycode, or you want to see how things can be built (like our writer Megan did when creating her Ycode movie contest page), look no further than templates!

Templates are prebuilt element sets. See it as a foundation that you can continue to build on. Especially when you're new to no-code, it's way less scary to start with a template than to look at a blank project page, not knowing where to start.

When creating a new project, you can now choose to start from scratch or use a template. Templates can only be added when creating a new project.

In your Ycode dashboard, click the New project button and then choose a template. Hover over a template to Preview it. If you like how it looks, click on Use template. You can then modify the template to your liking.

You can check the marketplace and job board templates. They are our most popular templates showcasing all of Ycode's exciting features.

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