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SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, is the marketing strategy that helps you rank your website and increase the number of visits. It's the practice of learning what your visitors are searching for and how to optimize your web pages accordingly.

In SEO, pages are optimized via keywords. But how do you know what keywords to use?

To understand how keyword research works, we first need to understand the intent of the search query.

Search intent types

When people search for things, what they expect to see can vary depending on the search intent.

There are four different types of intent:

  1. Informational: When people search for a specific answer. For example: “What is relative positioning in CSS” or “How do I start with no-code”.

  2. Navigational: When people search for a specific website. For example: "Instagram desktop", "Airbnb login" or "Amazon return policy".

  3. Transactional: When people search for a product or a service. For example: “No-code platform" or "Ben & Jerry's The Tonight Dough".

  4. Commercial: When people search for a best-fitting product or service. For example: “Best no-code tools" or "Best bagel shop Brooklyn".

Now think about what topic your website or web app is about.

What do people search for in each of the above categories? Perform these searches and have a look at what shows up on the results page.

This helps you to get an idea of what type of content to create for your website.

Content types

Each search intent comes with a different type of content format, ranging from more general to specific pages.

  1. Informational: Articles, blog posts, videos and regular website pages such as feature pages.

  2. Navigational: Exact website pages about the searched-for keyword.

  3. Transactional: Specific product pages or product categories.

  4. Commercial: Review articles, comparison pages, listings, etc.

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