Off-page SEO

Links from other websites that link back to your web pages are an important ranking factor for search engines. However, it’s important to focus on quality over quantity.

Having hundreds of links from low-quality (spam) websites that generate no traffic will give you no benefit. In some cases, that approach can hurt your ranking.

It’s much better to invest your time getting a few links coming from a similar niche from a website that’s considered an authority and can actually drive some traffic back to your website.

Let's discuss some of the most popular link-building tactics.

Guest posting

Write content on other websites that link back to your site.

Google is pretty good at identifying unnatural behavior, so make sure your content is relevant and not a shameless promotion. Find a website in your sector, make sure it’s a quality website that generates traffic and pitch them on an idea that will help them as much as you.

Most websites link out to other sources on the web and some of those links get broken. Maybe the content was removed, the website moved to another domain and forgot to redirect, or perhaps the domain expired.

If you have similar content that would be a good replacement for the broken link, contact the website’s administrator, inform them about the broken link and share the content that could replace it.

Web directories

This is especially useful for local businesses. Getting listed on Yelp, Tripadvisor or other local listings that people use can give your business a little boost.

If you are putting your business up in the directories, make sure they are high quality and people are using them. Don’t sign-up just for the sake of backlink.

If possible, always try to link to a specific page rather than a homepage. Having a few high-quality backlinks to your “How to take care of a dog” article will give you a much better chance to rank in the search results.

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  • Free: Backlink Shitter. Insert your competitor's website or web page and find the backlinks it has. This will give you more ideas on where you can hunt for backlinks.

  • Paid: Ahrefs. Great for finding your competition’s links and broken backlinks.

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