Top panel

This panel is where you can find all elements to add to your canvas, undo or redo changes, preview pages and publish your project.

We’ll go through each icon in the top panel, so you know where to find everything.


Unfold this menu and you’ll see various structures and list elements. They are separated into five sections:

  • Layout: Div block element

  • Page: Section and container elements

  • Separators: Horizontal element

  • Tables: Table elements

  • Lists: List and list item elements


The Text icon menu contains all the elements that refer to content. It’s separated into three sections:

  • Headings: Heading 1 to 6 elements

  • Blocks: Paragraph and rich-text elements

  • Inline: Inline text and form label elements


In this menu, you’ll find link and button elements:

  • Text link

  • Link block

  • Button


This menu contains all the elements you need to build forms. There are three sections:

  • Form: Form element

  • Elements: Input group, labels and button elements

  • Inputs: Input, Select, Textarea, Rich-text, Checkbox, Radio and File input elements


Here’s where you can manage all media elements, organized into five sections:

  • Images: Placeholder image element. Upload images or see which images are already uploaded

  • Icons: Placeholder icon element. Import or upload icons and see the ones that are already in your library

  • Videos: Placeholder video element and placeholder YouTube element. Upload videos and see which videos are already there

  • Audio: Placeholder audio element. Upload and/or see which audio files are already there

  • Documents: Upload documents and see all the documents that were uploaded already


If you’ve saved any components, here’s where you will find them.


Here you will be able to see and add to your canvas pre-built design elements.

To find more about layouts please see: Layouts.


Open this menu and you’ll find HTML import and embed elements to add to your canvas.

To find more about layouts please see: HTML.


A bit further to the right in the top panel, you’ll see an undo and redo button. You can also use the shortcut ctrl + z (cmd + z on mac) to undo an action instead of clicking the button.


This button is non-clickable because all your website’s latest changes will be automatically saved. This way, you don’t need to worry about accidentally losing changes!


With the preview feature, you can see what your website looks like without publishing it.


Once you’re done building and designing, you can click the publish button to launch your project publicly!