Redirect someone to another page in your Ycode project after a specific element is clicked.

Build workflow

Note: Before we start, this workflow redirects a web visitor to another page in your Ycode project. Make sure to first create this page before you begin building the workflow.

In the editor, select the element that applies to the action. For example, you might want to redirect someone to a contact page when the Contact us button is clicked.

With the element selected, open the Settings tab on the right-hand side, and under Attributes, give the element an ID name.

Now look at the left of your editor screen and select the third icon from the top to open the Workflows tab. In this screen, you can create a new workflow by selecting + Create workflow.

Now you can start building the workflow. Click on Click here to add an event. Then choose Elements, followed by Clicked, and select the element with the ID name you added in a previous step ("contact").

After the first action, it's time to set up the redirect event. Click on Click here to add an event. Then select Other, followed by Redirect.

Now select the page you want to redirect people to by opening the dropdown menu that says Select page.

Finally, give your workflow a name and click on the blue button that says Create workflow. In the editor, you can click on Preview to see the actions happen in real-time.

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