Send email

Send an email every time a specific element is clicked.

This workflow is great when you want to receive an automated email notification every time someone creates an account on your website or web app.

Build workflow

First, let’s enable user authentication. This allows website visitors to create and manage an account in your app (like a membership portal).

In the editor, look all the way to the left and open the Settings in the menu (last icon). Then open the Authentication tab and click on Enable. This will automatically create user authentication pages including a sign-up page, and a user sign-up workflow.

Now go to the Left-hand side menu again and select the third icon to open the Workflows tab. You'll see that the user signup workflow is added.

We'll now add some more steps to this workflow.

Add another event by clicking on Click here to add an event and choose Other followed by Send email.

Fill in the fields accordingly.

As a final step, name your new workflow and click Create workflow. Now every time someone signs up on your website, you'll automatically receive an email notification.

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