Submit a form

This workflow submits input from a form into a database.

Build workflow

Note: This workflow only works when you've added a form in your canvas and then connected a database to this form in the editor Settings tab under Source.

In your canvas, select the Submit button and open the Settings tab on the right. Under Attributes and add an ID name to give the button a name ("form").

Now head to the Workflow tab by clicking on the third icon from the top all the way at the left-hand side. Then click on + Create workflow to start your workflow and then on Click here to add on an event. Choose Elements, followed by Clicked.

Then in the dropdown menu, select the submit button you just named ("Form").

Then add another event and click Data and then Submit form.

Finally, give your workflow a name and click on the blue button to create your workflow. Now when someone submits a form, a new data record will be added to your database.

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