Product website template

Bring your digital product to the market with a responsive no-code website. Clone Ycode's SaaS product website template below and start building—no code involved!

Launch a complete product website

With no-code builder Ycode, you've got all the tools to build and launch your own product website. The many elements and advanced settings let you design a beautiful product template, complete with blog section!

  • Box model layout

    Use elements to build a product website template according to the box model. Choose from grids, images, dropdown menus for FAQ sections, and more!

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  • Design

    Advanced design settings let you customize elements to a tee. Includes Google fonts, spacing, borders, transforms, breakpoints, and more.

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  • Components

    Add elements, style them, and then save these elements as one component to easily insert and reuse it elsewhere in your digital product template.

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  • Built-in databases

    Set up a local database or connect to Airtable with the native integration. Create relationships and do things like connecting authors to blog posts.

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  • Dynamic content

    Connect elements to database fields to dynamically show content—a great feature for automatically updating content on product pages.

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  • Dynamic pages

    Build a template to show product details once and automatically use this page for every product you add—great to quickly scale.

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  • Product filters

    Set up dynamic filters and search to show visitors only those products that they're interested in.

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  • Custom forms

    Create simple contact forms, newsletter signups, and even custom forms with text input fields and file form upload.

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  • Workflows

    Use the workflow builder to create (global) workflows that show pop-ups, confirmation messages, redirect people, and more.

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Clone Ycode digital website template

Clone the product website below and start building. The template includes two databases (team and blog), eight pages including a blog section, global workflows for mobile menus, newsletter signup forms, dynamic content, and more!

Why build with Ycode?

The intuitive no-code tool lets you build a digital product selling website template without any HTML knowledge—ideal for startups that need a website without the hassle. With custom colors, you can use the exact color codes from your product or logo. Designs are responsive and display perfectly on laptops, mobile, and tablets.

To extend your project's functionality, you can connect to Zapier or any external API. Then add custom SEO and social share tags for each page to improve rankings and reach a wider audience. Finally, launch with one click and scale without worries—Ycode's robust infrastructure is made for small and large digital product websites!

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