Marketplace template

Marketplaces come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a directory like IMDB or a multi-vendor marketplace like Amazon, you can visually build it in Ycode. Create member areas and product pages with filters and search—all without code! Learn more about marketplace features and clone the Ycode marketplace template below to build along.

Build your marketplace site from the ground up

Though each marketplace site is different, most have similar functionality. Start by enabling user authentication and add custom states as a finishing touch for a better user experience. Follow the steps below to build a fully functional marketplace site!

  • Enable authentication

    Activate user authentication to auto-generate member pages like login, signup, password reset, etc.

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  • Create a database

    Create a local Ycode database or connect Airtable with the native integration.

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  • Build a box model layout

    Visually add elements to the online marketplace template and style with design settings.

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  • Make elements dynamic

    Connect directory elements to database fields and dynamically show and update content in real-time.

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  • Build custom forms

    Use input, select, image upload and other elements to build custom forms (like filter forms).

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  • Create filter relationships

    Connect filters to elements and allow people to browse the marketplace with ease.

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  • Build workflows

    Make it interactive with workflows for elements. Build individual and global workflows.

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  • Enjoy uniform designs

    Create, save and update custom layer styles and apply to different elements to maintain a uniform design.

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  • Use custom states

    Edit marketplace elements in different states, such as hover and active, to create a better user experience.

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Clone Ycode marketplace template

Need help getting started? Clone our sleek marketplace template below! It includes three databases, (global) workflows, filter and search, dynamic content, pagination, authentication pages, and more!

Launch, grow, scale

When your online marketplace is ready, hit publish and Ycode does the rest. SSL certificates are automatically included and in two simple steps, you can connect a custom domain (optional). Your marketplace site is deployed and securely hosted on Google Cloud.

Our infrastructure is designed for heavy lifting, so you can grow your online marketplace without worrying about scaling it in the future. And if you ever want out, our export service is available—there’s no vendor lock-in at Ycode!

  • Powered by Laravel
  • Developed on Google Kubernetes Engine
  • TailwindCSS in the frontend

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