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No-code platform where design meets function

With Ycode, you can transform ideas into dynamic websites and apps. Visually build and design beautiful, responsive web projects without compromising your vision.

The no-code builder that puts you in control

Ycode is the full-stack visual no-code app builder where things just make sense. Create simple websites or develop web apps with user authentication and custom databases. You’re in control from A to Z!

Open Ycode and you’ll be greeted with a sleek UX that helps you navigate and build with ease.

Every functionality is thought out in detail. Access your Airtable account through our native integration or connect external APIs.

While you drag and drop elements into the canvas and style them to perfection, Ycode silently writes clean code based on preferred open-source frameworks like Laravel and TailwindCSS.

Your code will be just as good (or dare we say, better) as code written by professional developers.

Your data is secure and when you’re ready, we'll host and deploy for you. Infinitely scale your web project with Ycode!

Who builds with Ycode?


Impress clients by delivering complete, pixel-perfect designs. Use our no-code builder to transform your static visuals into dynamic web apps.


Build MVPs quickly and in-house, making rapid iterations along the way. Keep full control over your business and launch faster.


Give non-tech teams the freedom to build and test ideas independently from developers. Use no-code web apps to automate processes.

You. Yes, you!

Get your idea off the ground. Whether business or hobby, as a newbie no-coder or advanced builder. Ycode is for everyone!

A foundation you can count on

Your web app code will be as good as when coded by a professional developer. Just better and faster.

Ycode generates dynamic application backends, powered by Laravel and PostgreSQL deployed on Google Kubernetes Engine. You’ll have Alpine.js and TailwindCSS in the frontend.

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