Why code?

Ycode is a new no-code web app builder tool that empowers you to create and host advanced web apps without writing any code or hiring developers.


Reimagining the future
of web apps

For the last 20 years creating web apps didn’t change much. Surely, it became easier to create websites and online shops using site builders, but what about custom solutions? For features like user authentication or data entry from a database, you still need to rely on developers.

Yet there are simply not enough developers to cater to the need for new software. Building custom software is also a long and costly process. If you fail to clearly express your needs and vision to the developer, you might be disappointed with the end result.

That's exactly why we build Ycode—a tool that reimagines the traditional way of designing and developing web applications. It empowers you to build web apps faster and more efficiently, without you needing to know how to code. Ycode lets you build your app exactly the way you want.

You have full freedom to adjust not only fonts, colors and layouts but also interactivity, functionality and user experience. With Ycode, you can finally build the web app you've always had in mind.

Who is it for?


Deliver completed projects to your clients. From pixel-perfect designs to advanced functionality. With Ycode you can visually create databases, define conditions and logic. No code and no developers needed.


Quickly build your MVP and test your product-market fit. You don't need to spend time and money on hiring engineers. Ycode allows you to do rapid iterations and gives you full control over your product.


Automate your internal or external processes with modern web apps. Build tools without any code that makes your teams effective without using resources from the IT department.

Tailwind CSS
Google Cloud

A foundation you can count on

Your web app code will be as good as when coded by a professional developer. Just better and faster.

Ycode generates Laravel backends and app APIs that connect to PostgreSQL databases. In the frontend, you'll have Alpine.js and Tailwind for CSS. We'll build Docker images and deploy your web app to Google Kubernetes Engine on Google Cloud.

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