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Ycode website builder
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Full design control in your hands

Everything you design should look and feel amazing. Our visual editor gives you full control to create designs that impress.

Reusable styles

Create and reuse styles for your elements across whole project.

Layer styles

Adapt web apps to different device sizes and optimize responsiveness.

Responsive website breakpoints

Create and reuse styles for your elements across whole project.

Navigation component

Bring more charm to your designs by setting up animations.

Design properties

Ycode gives you control of all CSS design properties visually.

Pre-built layouts

Start quickly with elements like heros, headers, footers and etc.

Collections in CMS


Build content structures that match your needs and import data manually or in bulk. Let copywriters easily work with content via content management system or visually on canvas without breaking design.


Set up triggers to send emails, display elements or create and edit CMS items via forms.

Workflows example

But that's not all

Ycode is packed full of other features that help you build data driven websites with no code.


Auto-generate titles, descriptions and social share content from CMS fields.


Create websites with user authentication, display content based on user types.


Blazing fast published website performance optimized for better experience.

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Pick a template you like, customize it to fit your style without writing any code.

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Save up to 50% by paying yearly

For templates and development before launch.

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For dynamic custom design landing pages.

$15 /mo
$20 /mo

For personal or small business websites.

$25 /mo
$30 /mo

For big websites with advanced features.

Growing community

Join other designers, creators and founders building websites with Ycode.


Founder of Notion Plates

Over the past five months, I've had a blast with Ycode as I've developed a Notion template marketplace on their platform. The user interface is outstanding, and their support is top-notch.

Mikael Larsen

Designer at BK Aktiweb

Top of the art tool for designing websites compared to Webflow. Also GDPR compliant in many ways and the team is engaging with the community on new releases.

Piotr Bak

Founder of Digital Agency

If you're looking for a powerful and user-friendly Webflow alternative, Ycode is a top contender. It's redefining web development by putting the design and functionality in your hands, no code required.

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