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The vision

For the past 20 years, creating web apps hasn’t changed much. Sure, now people can build standard websites using visual builders, but what about custom solutions? You need developers if you want to build websites that are tailored to deliver a unique experience.

Despite the ever-growing demand, only 0.03% of the population can code. Hiring tech workers is expensive, time-consuming and if you're like us, you'd much rather have full control over your ideas.

So, what if you could build advanced software yourself, in exactly the way you want?

With Ycode, you can! Our no-code builder gives you full control to build interactive layouts, adjust designs and create websites with great functionality and user experience—all with absolutely no code involved.

The makers

The Remote Company has been building web apps and online businesses for over 15 years. Our email marketing software, MailerLite, was one of the first tools to pioneer a visual drag & drop builder to help people design newsletters on their own. Now, this same evolution is happening for web apps.

We originally created Ycode to help our own businesses build tools faster. We realized that we were wasting a lot of time writing code for the same things over, and over again. This made us wonder: What if we could automate tasks and offer building blocks for team members that don't know how to code? This would be a game-changer!

After seeing how much Ycode helped our own team, we decided to share it with the world. Now everyone can build no-code websites and web apps on their own!


Nicole Writer
Ignas Rubezius Founder
Ignas Lunenas Lead Designer
Liam Walder Lead Developer
Andrew Grano Developer
Tristan Mouchet Developer

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