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We’re on a mission to make building web apps accessible to everyone

New business website? Want to automate processes? You'll probably need a developer for that. These days, the need for software is huge and ever-growing. However, only 0.03% of the population can code. Creating software is expensive and time-consuming. So imagine if you'd be able to build software yourself, in exactly the way you want?

Our team, The Remote Company, has been building web apps and online businesses for more than 15 years. With our email marketing service we were one of the first companies to influence the way newsletters are created. Today, most emails are made with drag & drop builders, not coded by hand. The same evolution is happening for websites and online shops. It's time to empower you to build your own web apps without coding.

We came up with the idea for Ycode in the summer of 2019. While building new products and internal tools, we realized that we spend so much time doing the same thing over, and over again. That made us wonder: What if we could automate tasks and offer building blocks for team members that don't know how to code? This would be a game-changer!

So we got to work, and this is the result: Ycode. A tool that's so beneficial to our team that we've decided to share it with everyone else, so we can all build web apps faster and more efficiently—without code.

Ycode will be fully ready in 2020. Follow our progress on Twitter @joinycode or shoot us an email at [email protected].

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