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15+ most active no-code communities to join in 2024
Looking for an engaging no-code community to join? Learn, share, and connect with like-minded enthusiasts in these active communities. Read on to learn more.
Nicole Jun 27, 2024
A Complete Guide to Subscription Web Design Agencies
Explore top subscription web design agencies for continuous, scalable, and affordable design solutions with Ycode. Design better. Learn more.
Nicole Jun 4, 2024
Top 30 Freelance Websites and Platforms For Web Designers in 2024
Are you a designer considering freelancing? The freelance market is always evolving, offering great opportunities for expanding your portfolio and earning money. So, why miss out?
Nicole May 21, 2024
20 Best Fonts for Web Design in 2024
Not sure about your website's font? Discover 20 top fonts for web design in 2024! Upgrade your brand identity. Explore Ycode's font library. Read now.
Ignas Lunenas Apr 30, 2024
Unleash the Power of Collaboration
Free features for easy team collaboration. Get unlimited users, live collaboration, and let clients tweak content without altering designs.
Ycode team Dec 14, 2023
Adding a blog to your website
Here are three videos showing you how to quickly add a blog area to your site.
Ycode team Oct 11, 2023
New tools for multi-user collaboration!
Discover the new features enabling teams to work seamlessly together.
Ycode team Sep 1, 2023
Control your colors with theory and psychology
Get the inside scoop on our new color controls that make customizing your palette a breeze.
Ycode team Aug 24, 2023
Unleash the power of sliders: with tips on using them properly
Delve into the pros and cons of using sliders in web design. Learn how to blend engagement and functionality, and make smart choices that match your site's goals and user preferences.
Ycode team Aug 18, 2023
Native real-time search and sorting in Ycode
Enhance your site's search with our new Real-Time Filters. As users refine searches, results instantly update for a fluid, responsive experience that boosts conversions.
Ycode team Aug 4, 2023
Build websites faster with Copy and Paste between projects
Explore Ycode's Copy and Paste feature: a game-changer for efficient, creative, and faster website design and development.
Ignas Rubezius Jul 26, 2023
Ycode integration with Airtable: custom design for your data
Use your Airtable data directly in Ycode to build dynamic custom design websites and applications. No third-party tools needed.
Ignas Rubezius Apr 27, 2023
Ycode’s new Animations feature: bring your websites to life
Ycode is excited to announce our newest feature – Animations! Now you can create beautiful, engaging animations for your websites and apps with ease.
Ignas Rubezius Dec 5, 2022
Video tutorial on creating a custom blog with Ycode
In this tutorial you will learn how to build and visually design a custom blog with comments, search and other advanced features.
Ycode team Oct 26, 2022
Speed up your work with the HTML import and export feature
From the start, we envisioned Ycode as an open platform where builders can create, share and reuse components and data from different sources.
Ignas Rubezius Mar 2, 2022
16 best no-code tools and communities for 2022
Get ready for a year of no-code! We're showing the most promising no-code tools to build your own websites, mobile apps, billing pages and automation.
Ycode team Jan 8, 2022
Ycode teams up with Zapier
Introducing the Ycode Zapier integration: You can now connect Zapier and extend Ycode’s capabilities beyond what’s built-in! Read more and build your own workflow with our step-by-step video.
Ignas Rubezius Oct 28, 2021
Introducing: Building workflows with Ycode!
We've launched a brand new feature: workflows! Learn how to build workflows in Ycode and see examples of workflow types for your next project.
Ignas Rubezius Aug 16, 2021
Building a website template in Ycode (+ 2 templates to clone)
Never built a website template before? Follow our lead and create your own website in Ycode step by step. Or, clone a project and tweak the design (we won't tell anyone!).
Ignas Rubezius Jul 1, 2021
The 5 features rated most important for no-code tools (according to the people)
We asked builders about the features they value most in a no-code tool. Curious about the #1 feature? Read on!
Ignas Rubezius Jun 10, 2021
Let’s talk SVG icons: Why and how to use (and create) them
Learn how SVG icons improve website design with Ycode’s no-code platform, making it easy to create and customize web projects without coding knowledge.
Ycode team May 20, 2021
Dynamic content: Your secret weapon to creating awesome projects (fast!)
Dynamic content is an essential feature for no-coders that want to build faster, smarter and create easily scalable projects. Let us explain by using three Ycode examples!
Ignas Rubezius Apr 8, 2021
Designing a blog: Prep, build and expand
Learn how to design a blog — from preparing the foundation to using the right web elements to growing your reach with a solid blog strategy.
Ycode team Mar 15, 2021
Website carousel sliders: Why, how and when to use them (including 13 examples)
Web sliders can be a yes please or a please no. In this article, we'll look at the best practices for creating hell-yes carousels and show you real examples from around the web.
Ycode team Mar 1, 2021
How to create a portfolio website that lets you shine
We’ll walk you through the 3 steps to setting up your portfolio website—from choosing all page elements to designing them and finally, launching your own portfolio!
Ignas Rubezius Feb 12, 2021
Why we built Ycode: A personal message from the founder
Here's the story of how I set out to learn coding and realized that the process could be significantly improved and made accessible to everyone by using visual tools.
Ignas Rubezius Jul 29, 2020