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Ycode’s new Animations feature: bring your websites to life

Ycode is excited to announce our newest feature – Animations! Now you can create beautiful, engaging animations for your websites and apps with ease.

Video tutorial on creating a custom blog with Ycode

In this tutorial you will learn how to build and visually design a custom blog with comments, search and other advanced features.

What’s new in Ycode

Ycode continues to improve and evolve as we add new features and updates based on your feedback. Introducing Editor mode and CMS, user roles and permissions, SEO tools, and more.

Speed up your work with the HTML import and export feature

From the start, we envisioned Ycode as an open platform where builders can create, share and reuse components and data from different sources.

16 best no-code tools and communities for 2022

Get ready for a year of no-code! We're showing the most promising no-code tools to build your own websites, mobile apps, billing pages and automation.

Ycode teams up with Zapier

Introducing the Ycode Zapier integration: You can now connect Zapier and extend Ycode’s capabilities beyond what’s built-in! Read more and build your own workflow with our step-by-step video.

Introducing: Building workflows with Ycode!

We've launched a brand new feature: workflows! Learn how to build workflows in Ycode and see examples of workflow types for your next project.

Building a website template in Ycode (+ 2 templates to clone)

Never built a website template before? Follow our lead and create your own website in Ycode step by step. Or, clone a project and tweak the design (we won't tell anyone!).

The 5 features rated most important for no-code tools (according to the people)

We asked builders about the features they value most in a no-code tool. Curious about the #1 feature? Read on!

Let’s talk SVG icons: Why and how to use (and create) them

We'll tell you why we love using SVG icons (yes, more than icon fonts!). Plus, learn how to create and style SVG icons in Ycode.

Welcome to Ycode Beta 2.0

We rethought Ycode’s infrastructure and fixed previous limitations, resulting in a smoother, faster, and more reliable building environment. You'll feel the difference once you start building!

Coming soon: Improved Ycode Beta (note for current builders)

We're changing the Ycode infrastructure to offer a smoother, faster no-code builder! Read about the launch date and what this update means for current builders.

Dynamic content: Your secret weapon to creating awesome projects (fast!)

Dynamic content is an essential feature for no-coders that want to build faster, smarter and create easily scalable projects. Let us explain by using three Ycode examples!

Designing a blog: Prep, build and expand

Learn how to design a blog — from preparing the foundation to using the right web elements to growing your reach with a solid blog strategy.

Website carousel sliders: Why, how and when to use them (including 13 examples)

Web sliders can be a yes please or a please no. In this article, we'll look at the best practices for creating hell-yes carousels and show you real examples from around the web.

How to create a portfolio website that lets you shine

We’ll walk you through the 3 steps to setting up your portfolio website—from choosing all page elements to designing them and finally, launching your own portfolio!

Ycode private Beta is here!

Ycode Beta is officially open! Get your invitation, take our no-code builder for a spin and let us know what you think. Plus, the 5 Ycode features we personally love.

How AirPods made me learn no-code in one Sunday afternoon

This is the story of how Senior Content Writer Megan created a Ycode website in one afternoon, all because of an internal competition.

Why we built Ycode: A personal message from the founder

Here's the story of how I set out to learn coding and realized that the process could be significantly improved and made accessible to everyone by using visual tools.