Unleash the Power of Collaboration

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Unleash the Power of Collaboration

Are you tired of navigating through complicated subscription plans and costly upgrades just to collaborate with your team and clients? Look no further, because Ycode's free collaboration features are here to revolutionize the way you work. Here are the three incredible functionalities that are at your disposal as part of your Ycode plan:

Unlimited free users

Every Ycode plan offers unlimited users, enabling effortless collaboration with your team and clients. No more worrying about account limitations or added costs for additional users. Simply invite users, assign roles such as administrator, designer, or editor, and specify project access—it’s that easy.

Live collaboration

With Ycode, you can have multiple users working on the same project simultaneously without encountering conflicts. Our platform features intuitive multi-user monitoring, allowing you to keep track of who is accessing which parts of the project. This ensures smooth collaboration, as users can work on different pages without interfering with each other's work.

Editor Mode

Ycode's Editor Mode is a game-changer for team and client collaboration. Grant clients access to edit specific elements of the project without compromising the overall design. Clients can easily modify text, update images, and manage content within a designated scope, all while maintaining the integrity of the design. This simplified approach enhances client involvement without the need for technical design skills.

In conclusion, Ycode’s free collaboration features empower you to collaborate effortlessly, whether it’s with your internal team or external clients. Say goodbye to user limitations, conflicting edits, and complex client interactions. Say hello to seamless collaboration with Ycode—it's free, it's powerful, and it's here to transform your workflow.

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