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Auto-translate using AI

Use auto-translate, powerd by AI, to translate your entire website to any language in just seconds.

Auto-translate feature in Ycode
Localize URLs

Optimize your URL structure for different locales while maintaining domain reputation by hosting localized pages.

Localized URLs in Ycode
Select locale

Allow visitors to select their language preference with a customizable language selector.

Locale selector element with custom design
Auto-localized sitemap

Help search engines understand connections between your localized pages by using an auto-generated sitemap.

CMS - Blog posts collection
Localize SEO

Easily translate meta titles and descriptions for every locale you add, ensuring consistency across your site.

Localized SEO page settings in Ycode builder.
Localize images

Improve accessibility in different locales by customizing images and adjusting alt text.

Localizing images and alt texts.
Conditional visibility

Customize website elements visibility according to locale for a tailored user experience.

Showing Google Maps only on Spanish locale.

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