Use the power of code, without writing it.


Design is one of our core values. We strongly believe that your web app should look and feel amazing. That’s why we're giving you full control over your design and you can style every element to perfection.

designing with ycode
  • Start with a template or build from scratch
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Full control for pixel-perfect designs
  • Build responsive and mobile-ready PWA apps
  • Create reusable design components and objects
  • Link your design elements to dynamic data


Ycode is not just another site builder. We give you the power of code, without the need of writing any code. Visually build complex conditions and workflows, and make your app work the way you need it to work. You can easily iterate and update to meet your changing needs.

programming with ycode
  • User management and authentication out of the box
  • Setup conditional logic (if this, then that)
  • Schedule actions and run recurring workflows
  • Integrate with payment, email and other providers
  • Connect your app through API
  • Extend with custom plugins


Your app runs on data. Ycode makes it easy to work with data from different sources and build a database that matches your needs. Moreover, we take security and privacy very seriously and give you the right tools to design user rights and access settings.

storing and managing data with ycode
  • Design your own database structure
  • Import and export data using CSV, Excel, Google Sheets, Airtable and more
  • Create database relationships
  • Show users only records related to them
  • Let your users create, update and delete records
  • Give your team access to the data

Hosting and deployment

You don’t need to worry about infrastructure, server maintenance or backups. Ycode takes care of all those things and much more. Each app is deployed as a separate instance on Google Cloud. Our architecture allows infinite scalability for your app and guarantees security as your data is not shared with others.

hosting and deployment with ycode
  • Fast and reliable hosting on Google Cloud
  • Staging and production environments
  • Deploy updates in seconds
  • Connect your custom domain
  • SSL comes by default
  • Infinite scalability and enterprise-grade security

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