• Drag & drop builder

    Create pixel-perfect website and app designs without HTML or CSS knowledge.

  • Templates

    Choose from professional, responsive templates to quickly get started.

  • States

    Use states to display the current status of actions, show completion or suggest the (in)ability to interact with elements.

  • Breakpoints

    Adapt web apps to different device sizes and optimize responsiveness.

  • Global design

    Add custom colors and sizes for a uniform design across the entire app.

Dynamic content

  • Integrated databases

    Create your own local or internal database and add data manually or in bulk via CSV-import.

  • Dynamic elements

    Make content dynamic by connecting elements in your layout to data fields in a local database.

  • Dynamic SEO and social tags

    Create SEO tag templates to auto-generate titles, descriptions and social share content that search engines love.

  • Database relationships

    Establish database relationships, like assigning an author to each blog post.

  • Content filters and sorting

    Use filters to show specific content and sorting to display content alphabetically or in a specific date range.

  • Collection filter and search

    Apply filters for search and multi-filter functionality at the user's end.

  • Content pagination

    Control how many items are shown per page and style “previous” and “next” buttons.

  • Conditional visibility

    Show or hide elements in a dynamic design and create unique designs based on different criteria.

  • File upload for forms

    Let visitors upload files (documents, images, etc.) with a file upload button below forms.


  • User authentication

    Generate dedicated pages for signup, login, password reminder, new password and confirmations.

  • Personalized records

    Use data from logged-in users and show only records that relate to them.

  • Managed by users

    Let app users create, update and remove their own records.


  • Send emails

    Send auto-emails each time a specific action is done (e.g. element is clicked).

  • Redirect users

    Redirect users to another app page after a specific element is clicked.

  • Wait seconds

    Wait a number of seconds before the next event is triggered.

  • Show or hide elements

    Show or hide elements after an element is clicked (e.g. to show pop-ups).

  • Submit form data

    Automatically add information submitted by a user via a form to a database.

  • Delete database records

    Allow users to delete a database record after a specific element is clicked.


  • Components

    Save groups of elements as components and reuse them for quicker building.

  • Custom forms

    Embed advanced forms and customize them to your liking. Easy to integrate with MailerLite.

  • Dropdown menus

    Double-click to turn long content lists into a compact dropdown menu.

  • HTML embeds

    Use HTML to insert third-party code, like embedded tweets, audio players and different scripts.

  • Background images

    Upload an image to display as the element background and choose how the image is displayed.

  • Rich-text

    Style long-format text and add headings, lists, images and embedded videos.

  • Optimized inline images

    Ycode scales and optimizes each image to show the right size and resolution on every device. Pages load much faster.


  • Social share settings

    Define the title, description and image when pages are shared on social media.

  • Image ALT tags

    Add ALT tags for individual images to improve SEO, UX and accessibility.

  • Meta tags

    Add static or dynamic meta titles and descriptions to improve SEO rankings.

  • SEO-friendly code

    Ycode produces clean, semantic code for high-speed page loads and mobile-friendly designs.

  • Indexing controls

    Manage your robots.txt file to control how Google index your project.

  • Sitemap

    Generate your project XML sitemap automatically or create a custom sitemap manually. Coming soon...


  • Airtable integration

    Sync Airtable data with the native integration (reading and writing account access).

  • Zapier integration

    Connect Ycode to 4000+ apps and enjoy more possibilities and flexibility when building web projects.

  • External APIs

    Fetch data from any API to use in your Ycode web project.

  • MailerLite integration

    Grow email lists by connecting signup forms to email marketing service MailerLite.

  • MailChimp integration

    Save your newsletter subscribers directly to your MailChimp account. Coming soon...


  • Staging and production

    Test in staging before publishing and avoid publishing app versions that weren't production-ready.

  • Custom domains

    Use a Ycode subdomain or get professional with your own custom domain name.

  • Reliable, secure hosting

    Projects are safely and reliably hosted on Google Cloud.

  • SSL certificates

    Each domain that’s connected will automatically receive a SSL certificate.

  • Custom code

    Add custom code that’s injected into the ‘head’ tag on every web page.

  • Code export

    No vendor lock-in! Our on-request code export service delivers your complete project in high-quality code.

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  • Multi-user accounts

    Give multiple users a seat within one account so they can all collaborate on projects.

  • User permission management

    Assign user permissions and control how much account access each user has.

  • Project cloning

    Clone other Ycode web projects with one click and make your projects cloneable with a generated clone-URL.

  • Project transfer

    Transfer web projects from one account to another to easily change their ownership.


  • Documentation

    Read detailed manuals on features and learn how to build with Ycode.

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  • Community

    Chat, ask and engage with other no-code builders in the Ycode community.

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  • Academy

    Join our free no-code training academy where you can take self-paced online courses to learn Ycode and no-code.

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  • YouTube

    Watch quick tutorials on how to use Ycode features on our YouTube channel.

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  • Email

    Write us for help, feedback or feature request.

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