Top 30 Freelance Websites and Platforms For Web Designers in 2024

Top 30 Freelance Websites and Platforms For Web Designers in 2024

Are you a designer turned part-time or full-time freelancer? The freelance marketplace is ever-evolving. For designers looking to find new opportunities or expand their portfolios, knowing where to look is half the battle, especially for beginners. However, it’s a good way to get paid. So, why miss out? 

As they say, finding gigs is not as easy as it sounds. There are many job postings and job sites in the freelance marketplace. It’s overwhelming and requires quite a bit of effort. You can find anything from customer support, digital marketing, copywriting, and web development to project management. But what about design? And are they remote work? 

Here’s a curated list of the top 30 freelance platforms and websites where designers can find quality work online and remotely in 2024, beyond Upwork and Fiverr (although included, too!). Make your freelance career impactful, and get in front of the right clients and recruiters.

Optimize Your Job Search for Freelance Design Work

Work smarter, not harder, with this list. It’s not all about ‌hustle, designers. It's about getting in front of the right people when it comes to the gig economy. Here are 30 freelance websites and freelance platforms that will make it easier to secure freelance work as a designer and gain visibility:

1. Dribbble

Dribbble is a vibrant community where designers gain inspiration, feedback, and jobs. It's a great platform for showcasing your work and connecting with potential clients. As a hub for connecting with the world's leading designers and creative experts, it's no surprise that over 70,000 innovative companies choose to recruit designers from Dribbble


  • Many high-quality opportunities to apply to

  • Easy to update work availability 

  • Receive an exclusive daily newsletter filled with top-tier freelance design opportunities, ensuring you have access to new, high-quality leads daily.


  • You must purchase a Pro Business subscription to access the job board. By subscribing to Dribbble Pro Business, you can access a dedicated freelance design project board featuring hundreds of new gigs weekly.

2. Behance

Adobe’s Behance offers a powerful network for creative professionals to showcase their portfolios and discover freelance job opportunities. Applying for jobs on Behance is notably streamlined for active users.


  • Designers can apply with just a single click. This makes applying easy and saves time!

  • Behance attracts large, established companies looking for freelance talent, making sure that job opportunities are both prestigious and well-paid.


  • With over 12 million freelancers registered on Behance, standing out to potential employers can be difficult. This intense competition means your portfolio has to stand out.

  • Candidates are evaluated solely based on their portfolios.

So, if you are applying on Behance, here’s one advice: make sure your portfolio is in top shape.

3. Toptal

Toptal prides itself on connecting businesses with the top 3% of freelance designers worldwide, providing high-quality opportunities with leading companies without bidding against competitors. This exclusivity is a major draw for both freelancers and clients. It promises a pool of experienced professionals who have undergone a rigorous screening process. 


  • Toptal matches freelancers with clients directly. This saves time, focuses on quality engagements, and ensures that projects are aligned with the freelancer’s career and the company’s bottom line. 

  • Toptal’s client base includes prominent names like Airbnb, Shopify, and Udemy, offering freelancers opportunities to work on substantial projects with well-established brands. 


  • While new designers are welcome to apply, the acceptance criteria are strict.

4. Upwork

Upwork offers various design jobs, from graphic design to UX/UI and more, catering to freelancers at all levels. Upwork’s platform is designed to facilitate remote collaboration between businesses and independent designers worldwide. 


  • The hiring process on Upwork is straightforward: clients post jobs, receive bids from freelancers, and select candidates based on their profiles and proposals. 

  • Suitable environment for new or junior designers to start with lower-paying jobs, to build their portfolios, and gradually increase their rates. 


  • Climbing the ranks on Upwork can be challenging as the platform operates on a review and pricing system that heavily influences client decisions.

5. Fiverr

Fiverr is ideal for freelance designers who ‌offer specific design services. You can build a client base by showcasing your unique skills. Fiverr is a freelance platform where services are neatly packaged as 'gigs,' simplifying the process for clients to find exactly what they need.


  • The hiring process is user-friendly; clients can easily browse through various categories of gigs, view portfolios, and directly order the services they require.

  • Straightforward pricing structure and streamlined payments. No separate invoicing or payment reminders.

  • Freelance designers can set their own starting prices, create packages, and offer add-ons to cater to a broader range of client needs. 


  • Like Upwork, gaining visibility on Fiverr can be challenging because the platform operates on a review and pricing system that heavily influences client decisions.

6. Freelancer

Freelancer is renowned for its extensive variety of projects, connecting millions of employers with freelancers across the globe. Job seekers can filter opportunities by project type, whether fixed-price or hourly-rate projects, and by specific categories such as contests, skills required, and languages spoken. Freelancer also supports multiple languages, including Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese.


  • The hiring process is straightforward: employers post projects, receive bids from freelancers, and then choose the best candidate based on their proposals. 

  • Features such as real-time chat are available. This facilitates clear communication between employers and freelancers

  • Milestone payment system ensures security and trust in financial transactions.

  • Great for multilingual designers.


  • Like Upwork and Fiverr, getting clients could be a challenge at first. The platform operates on a review and pricing system. This heavily influences clients to work with you or not.

7. DesignCrowd

DesignCrowd is a vibrant online marketplace that connects clients with professional freelance designers from around the globe. DesignCrowd focuses on crowdsourcing, where clients receive multiple design submissions and choose the best. DesignCrowd is a one-stop shop for all design needs.


  • DesignCrowd is designed to maximize creativity and efficiency. Crowdsourcing speeds up the design process. 


  • Clients receive competitive bids from designers, choosing the best match based on their requirements and the designer's portfolio, which makes the process competitive.

8. 99designs

99designs is a ​​global platform where designers can compete in design contests and get feedback directly from clients. It also specializes in connecting clients with professional designers for tailored, creative design solutions through this approach. The platform is renowned for its unique contest-based approach, where clients can initiate a contest, inviting designers to submit their creative ideas.


  • Clients can bypass the contest model and engage directly with a designer. 

  • A valuable platform to connect with businesses globally, allowing designers to showcase their design skills across various design styles and industries.

  • Expand reach and work on diverse projects. 


  • Initial costs include a $100 introduction fee to match designers with potential clients and platform and payment processing fees.

  • Fierce competition.

9. Working Not Working

Working Not Working is an invite-only community that bridges the gap between innovative companies and creative talent. It is a great spot for freelancers seeking exciting opportunities.


  • Versatile platform, listing various roles, including full-time, part-time, and remote positions, particularly design opportunities. 

  • Specific job descriptions so designers know who they’re catering to. 

  • Access a high-calibre community of creatives, now accessible to any creative job seeker at no cost.

  • Connect with top-tier companies

  • Built by creatives for creatives

  • A commission-free structure where the clients, not the freelancers, bear all platform fees. 

  • Good quality leads with major brands like Apple, Google, and The New York Times often sourcing talent from this platform. 


  • The competitive nature of the platform means that standing out requires a portfolio that truly shines.

10. We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely hosts a large global job board renowned for its extensive database of remote job opportunities, even in design. The platform has significant traffic, attracting around 4.5 million visitors to its job boards each month. It is updated often to ensure a fresh and relevant selection of job postings.


  • Freelancers are not required to create an account or pay any application fees

  • Ease of use

  • Platform's reputation for quality

  • A trusted source. Used by top brands like Google, Amazon, and InVision.


  • Job filtering options are limited primarily to job categories, which may require extensive scrolling.

11. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is a global freelance marketplace that uses AI to match freelancers with projects and find relevant design jobs. 


  • Many jobs are listed.

  • Freelancers consistently have access to new projects. 

  • The reputation system encourages freelancers to maintain high standards in their submissions and client interactions.


  • Relatively high fees for freelancers.

  • Additional charges for submitting more than 15 monthly proposals and for each invoice processed. 

  • The minimal vetting process for new freelancers has led to a crowded marketplace.

  • Lower bidding by freelancers to win projects.

12. AIGA Design Jobs

The American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) connects designers with a network of peers and offers access to resources and support that are not widely available outside the organization. AIGA is a hub for job postings, visible to all, but members receive enhanced support in submitting their applications.


  • A professional network for designers offering high-quality job listings. 

  • Access to free resources.

  • A respected entity in the design community.


  • Only for US citizens or permanent residents.

  • Must become a member to leverage the job board fully.

13. Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs is a specialized job board for creative professionals. It is particularly renowned for offering senior-level positions, making it a valuable resource for experienced freelancers looking to advance their careers.


  • Well-organized. Users can efficiently filter job listings.

  • Releases a weekly newsletter so freelance designers can stay informed about the latest job postings as soon as they become available.

  • Catering to a diverse range of job seekers, including freelance designers. 

  • Opportunities to advance.


  • Focuses more on digital marketing opportunities.

14. Coroflot

Coroflot is a unique platform specifically designed by and for designers, fostering a vibrant community. Creatives can connect and access a wide array of design jobs from around the globe.


  • The opportunity to engage with a network of design professionals.

  • Explore job opportunities that span various industries and regions.

  • Straightforward application process.

  • Encourages active engagement and quality submissions


  • Must purchase Pro membership to get exclusive three-day early access for new projects before they open to the broader community, provided these projects have not yet received five responses.

  • Higher upkeep. Regular participation and maintaining a high-quality profile are crucial for all members. Coroflot encourages active engagement and quality submissions.

15. Startup Jobs

For designers keen on working with startups, Startup Jobs provides a unique platform to connect with emerging companies.


  • Structured to help job seekers easily navigate different categories and locations to find relevant opportunities in design. 

  • Provides tools like job alerts and a newsletter subscription to keep candidates updated on the latest openings.

  • Lists high-profile companies like Stripe, Spotify, and Airbnb, giving job seekers access to exciting opportunities at some of the world's most innovative companies. 


  • Only offers opportunities within the startup system. 

  • Does not list as many senior roles for freelancers looking to advance.

16. Wellfound (Previously AngelList)

Wellfound, previously known as AngelList Talent, is another platform for design professionals eager to dive into the startup ecosystem. This platform connects freelancers and job seekers with innovative startups on the brink of growth. Designers looking for a unique opportunity to influence and shape emerging brands should start here.


  • Greater creative freedom and the chance to make a significant impact, setting the stage for‌ groundbreaking career experiences.

  • Simplifies the job search process by allowing candidates to apply to multiple startups with a single application, making it incredibly efficient and user-friendly. 

  • The opportunity to contribute to the next big success story in the business world.


  • Only focused on startup design opportunities, which may not be as stable.

17. DesignHill

DesignHill is a creative marketplace where designers can participate in contests or get hired directly for various design projects. Designhill is a vibrant creative marketplace that bridges the gap between businesses seeking custom designs.


  • Offers real-time feedback and a dynamic exchange of ideas between clients and designers.

  • Designers can earn from their direct services and open a revenue stream by showcasing their designs to a broader audience. 


  • Clients are not emerging startups or high-profile companies

18. SimplyHired

SimplyHired is a job search engine that lists freelance design jobs. What sets SimplyHired apart is its cost-free approach to job postings for employers, which results in many job opportunities for freelancers.


  • Offers resources, invaluable guides on crafting your resume and writing compelling cover letters, and supportive content to streamline your job application process.

  • Features a complimentary online resume builder to enhance ‌professional presentation.

  • Easy resume uploads and straightforward profile setups to increase designers’ chances of catching the eye of potential clients. 

  • Filter opportunities according to specific design interests and skills.


  • Unchecked quality of job opportunities

19. FlexJobs

Known for its remote job listings, FlexJobs offers a range of freelance and flexible job opportunities in design. FlexJobs recognized the early shift towards remote and freelance opportunities, particularly in fields like design. As a pioneer among freelance websites highlighting the flexibility of remote work, FlexJobs has a great reputation for posting remote job postings, prioritizing flexibility, and advancing your design career.


  • User-friendly search and filtering tools make it straightforward for freelance designers to pinpoint projects that match their skills and preferences.

  • Comprehensive resource for flexible work arrangements, including project management and contract writing. 

  • Features job filters allowing users to refine their search based on remote, hybrid, or onsite workplace, work schedule, and travel requirements. 


  • No free trial. Must pay a membership. 

  • No guarantee of finding work.

20. Guru

Guru stands out in the freelance marketplace with its genuine, grassroots approach. Guru fosters a transparent and trustworthy environment for both freelancers and employers. This platform ensures that all parties have clear expectations, with job postings meticulously detailing project requirements.


  • Job postings have detailed project requirements

  • A thorough vetting process bolsters designers’ credibility. 

  • Straightforward invoicing system

  • Offers multiple payment terms and integrates secure payment options.

  • WorkRoom feature enables easy communication and project management between freelancers and their clients. 


  • Not design-specific

  • No guarantee of finding work

21. LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is a professional networking site offering a marketplace for freelance services, including design. Maintaining an updated LinkedIn profile is crucial if you're in the creative industry. This platform allows you to showcase your career history and post-work samples for each role you've held, transforming your profile into a dynamic portfolio.


  • Your profile is your portfolio. By highlighting your skills, you make your profile more discoverable. This attracts potential connections who may be seeking your specific design expertise.

  • LinkedIn Services Marketplace highlights suitable roles for freelancers.

  • LinkedIn Services actively sends project leads to freelancers, providing opportunities to submit proposals and bid on projects.

  • A reliable platform for securing online jobs, offering options for remote, part-time, or full-time roles


  • Not all listings are remote. 

  • Some listings don’t list ‌salary ranges.

22. If You Could

A creative jobs board focusing on high-quality design roles, primarily in the UK. This allows designers to effortlessly sign up, discover freelance opportunities, and configure personalized email alerts to stay informed about projects that align with their skills and interests.


  • User-friendly

  • Also features opportunities from other locations beyond the UK. 

  • Each job posting is meticulously reviewed by It's Nice That, an affiliate of If You Could, making sure that the listings are not only genuine but also well-promoted. 

  • Guarantees that all jobs meet at least the minimum wage requirements, providing valuable and fair opportunities for designers at various career stages.


  • More UK-specific. Not ideal for Non-UK residents.

23. SolidGigs

This service handpicks the best freelance jobs and sends them directly to your inbox, focusing on quality over quantity. SolidGigs offers a unique twist on finding freelance work by curating job alerts for you. Instead of browsing through a traditional job board, SolidGigs selects the top 1% of freelance jobs from various sources and sends them directly to your inbox.


  • Curated design job opportunities. 

  • A streamlined approach to save time and effort in searching for quality freelance opportunities for designers.

  • 7-day free trial.

  • Straightforward fee structure and flexibility to cancel anytime. 

  • Do not take a cut of freelance earnings.


  • Must purchase subscriptions.

  • No guarantee of finding work.

24. Ycode Experts

For designers specialized in using Ycode, this platform connects designers with businesses needing expert web design and development. This platform helps designers find work and businesses transform their ideas into fully functional websites without the need for traditional coding.


  • User-friendly.

  • Easy to search for experts by specific design skills. 

  • Many available resources.


  • Must have no-code skills and know the Ycode platform well, which may be a barrier for some designers who have designed in a certain way

25. Smashing Jobs

Powered by Smashing Magazine, this job board is great for finding both freelance and full-time design work. Smashing Jobs offers a dynamic job board designed to support designers and developers in finding freelance job opportunities while connecting them with top-tier companies.


  • An invaluable resource for professionals looking to advance their careers in design and programming.

  • Easily search for jobs that match their skills and preferences.

  • Filters for remote work, full-time or part-time positions, and specific areas of expertise like design or programming.

  • Regularly updated.


  • It may not offer exciting opportunities if you want to work at a startup. 

  • No guarantee of finding work.

26. Krop

A creative industry job board and portfolio hosting website where designers can showcase their work and find job opportunities. Krop is a premier portfolio website builder that caters specifically to creative professionals.


  • Trusted platform used by some of the world's leading designers, photographers, illustrators, and other creatives to showcase their work. 

  • It offers a range of features, including unlimited image uploads, a free domain, mobile-ready layouts, and a selection of stunning templates designed to make your work stand out.

  • A free trial that you can cancel anytime. Explore without commitment. 

  • Supports diverse creative roles, from art directors to designers.


  • Does not guarantee work

  • Does not provide a space to exchange communication

27. The Dots

A professional network for creatives that offers a range of freelance opportunities in the design sector. The Dots hosts a comprehensive job board for creative professionals, offering various positions from freelance to full-time roles across various industries. This platform is an essential resource for designers looking to advance their careers in creative fields.


  • Explore numerous job listings, each with detailed job descriptions and requirements. 

  • Create personalized lists to organize potential job opportunities and streamline the job search.

  • Supportive environment to connect with like-minded peers, gain valuable insights, and discover exciting job opportunities.


  • No guarantee of finding work.

  • Lacking features or space to communicate with clients.

  • Must streamline payments yourself.

28. Creative Guild

A global directory of creative companies and job opportunities, including freelance design roles. Creative Guild by CreativeMornings features a robust job board that caters to creative professionals worldwide, offering a variety of design positions from full-time to freelance opportunities across multiple industries.


  • Access to roles in innovative and forward-thinking companies.

  • Includes detailed descriptions and application requirements.

  • Filter by job type, commitment (full-time, part-time, freelance, etc.), and location, including remote-friendly opportunities.


  • No guarantee of finding work.

  • Lacking features or space to communicate with clients.

29. Remote OK

Targets high-paying remote jobs and is ideal for digital nomads looking for work in tech and design sectors. Remote OK is a leading job board connecting talented designers with remote work opportunities. It offers a platform where companies can post job openings, and designers and other professionals can find positions that allow them to work from anywhere. 


  • Caters to a global audience. 

  • Provides tools and resources to job seekers to facilitate the hiring process for remote roles. 


  • No guarantee of finding work.

  • Lacking features or space to communicate with clients.

30. Contra

Contra is a commission-free freelance platform designed to empower freelancers and companies. You’ve heard that right; it’s a commission-free freelance marketplace. It offers a unique ecosystem where independent professionals can manage projects, create AI-powered portfolios, and directly connect with potential clients without losing a percentage of their earnings.


  • No earnings lost. 

  • Provides tools such as a free invoice generator to streamline freelance operations and client collaboration.

  • Many job posts to maximize income, and expand reach and opportunities.

  • Designed to enhance the visibility of teams and projects.

  • Offers a slack channel for community and support.


  • No guarantee of finding work. 

  • Must apply and bid for each role. No automatic matching.

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