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Clone project

Clone project

Share your Ycode projects with others by making them cloneable. This is great for template creators.

Sharing is caring! You can share your no-code projects with others by making them cloneable. Thia allows them to add the project to their Ycode dashboard.

Note: Cloning can only be enabled after a project is published.

How to enable cloning

Want to enable other people to be able to clone your project? It’s simple!

Head to your project’s General settings.

Navigate to Allow cloning and press “Enable” to turn on cloning.

Once you click the button, a link is automatically generated. This link allows other users to clone your project. Next to the link field, you have the option to refresh the link and copy it. You can also disable cloning at any time by selecting “Disable”.

Now, whenever someone visits your secret clone link, they will see a blue “Clone project” button on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Clicking the clone button will direct you to your individual Ycode dashboard, where you will be able to find the copied project once the cloning process has been completed. You don't need to wait, as you will be notified by email once the project is ready. 

However, if you have reached the maximum number of allowed projects in your account, you will be notified that you have exceeded your limit. In this case, you can either delete a project and clone it once more, or upgrade to a higher project plan.