Academy CMS


Manage you website content like blog posts, jobs listings and other resources using CMS Collections.

Creating a collection

Go to the left-hand sidebar and click on CMS, this will opens Collections. Click + to add new one and give it a name. After naming and saving the collection you will always Rename or Delete the collection, by right-clicking on it.

Adding fields

Fields define the format in which your data is added, when you create a new collection you will see two default fields being displayed ID and Name, there are three other default fields automatically created but these are hidden from view.

You can add additional fields by clicking on the +Add field button.

Once you’ve selected the field type you wish to add, you need to give the field a name and, when applicable, insert a default value (example: a default number, email, name, etc). Finally, click on Create field button for the field to be added to your collection.

Field settings

You can Edit, Duplicate, Hide and Delete your non-default fields at any time. Right next to the field name click on the three dots icon and the previously mentioned options will be available to you!