Adding a blog to your website

Ycode team Oct 11, 2023
Adding a blog to your website

Using a blog template

The first way of doing this is to just use the blog template, which has the blog area on the homepage. You can also preview the other templates and choose one that has a blog section.

Copy and pasting from another template

If you have an existing site but want to change the blog design, you can copy the blog layout from another template. This maintains consistency with the rest of your site while letting you pick a fresh blog look that you prefer.

Creating from scratch

For full creative control over the blog design and functionality, you can build the blog section completely from scratch while keeping your existing site template. You'll need to create a blog page for your list of blog posts (unless you're using the home page). Next you'll need to create and design a CMS page that will be used to show the specific blog post.

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