Coming soon: Improved Ycode Beta (note for current builders)

April 21, 2021

Since our launch, over 700+ Beta projects have been created! With all these projects came a lot of super valuable feedback from testers (thank you!). 

We learned that to offer people a smoother and faster no-code tool, we needed to make some big changes in our architecture.

We started working on an improved Ycode Beta environment, also known as: Beta 2.0.

Meet Ycode Beta 2.0

  • Lighter, more efficient work environment

  • Instant project creation (no more waiting)

  • Smoother project building experience

  • Better scalability

  • Faster implementation of new features

  • The many updates we’ve released thus far

Our development team will start implementing this improved infrastructure. To make this process easier, we will temporarily pause sending out private Beta invitations starting today.

We’ll resume sending invitations on May 10, 2021, when we launch Beta 2.0.

  • Have a Ycode account? You can continue building as usual

If you have a Ycode account, you will automatically get access to Ycode’s improved Beta. You can continue logging into Ycode as usual, and we’ll migrate you to Beta 2.0 on May 10th. You won’t necessarily see a difference, but you’ll feel the difference when building your projects. 😉

Important note about existing projects

The implementation of this improved infrastructure also means that we have to delete all existing projects on May 10th

For technical reasons, we won’t be able to migrate any projects. The complexity of doing this comes from both the code side and the site reliability engineering (SRE) side.

Here's how you can manually migrate your project to Beta 2.0:

  • Make screenshots and/or write down your building steps

  • On May 10, your dashboard will show zero projects. You can create a new project and rebuild your app in the improved Ycode Beta

  • This Beta version supports product-ready apps (aka, your project won’t get deleted, ever)

If anything is unclear or you have any questions, please write us. We’re happy to help!