Release notes: November 2023

Ycode team

Here’s the recap of all the main features we’ve added last month:

Layer style search

You asked for this one. If you have a lot of layer styles or just want to find your styles faster, you can now use the search field in the layer style area.

Expand/Collapse shortcut

Just press option (ctrl on Windows) and click one of the options in the Design tab to expand or collapse everything in the sidebar.

New section controls

The new controls appear on the canvas after you select a section. You can use them to delete, move, or add new elements, layouts, and components.

Section controls and components in Editor mode

When using Editor mode, your users can access the same section controls, but they can only add components. This allows you to control what they can add to the project.

These were the main features we introduced last month. If you have any question or need help, check out our community.

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