February updates 2024

Ycode team Mar 4, 2024

Welcome to the latest round of updates for Ycode! We've been hard at work enhancing your experience, and we're thrilled to share the exciting new features we've introduced. Buckle up and get ready to explore the awesomeness!

User-Friendly Walkthrough Guide

Walk-through start screen

For our new users, we've created a comprehensive walkthrough guide to help you get started with Ycode. No more feeling lost or overwhelmed – this guide will hold your hand and walk you through the basic features, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable onboarding process.

Revamped Workspace UI

New UI with list view instead of grid

When you logged into your account last month your probably noticed the new workspace UI. Instead of a grid displaying all your projects, you now see a sleek list view. This layout allows you to see all the essential information about each project at a glance, including usage, name, publishing status, and more.

From the list view, you can easily upgrade, edit using the designer or editor Ycode (depending on your role), and access project settings. Plus, we've added a nifty thumbnail hover feature that lets you quickly log into a project by choosing between the designer or editor mode.

Streamlined Template Access

new templates view with categories

Building new projects just got a whole lot easier! We've introduced new categories in the sidebar, making it a breeze to find the perfect template for your needs. Whether you're looking for a specific type of template or want to start from scratch with a blank canvas, the options are now conveniently organized for you.

And that's not all – we've also added two brand-new templates to the mix: Payflow and BaseAI (in the AI category).

Invite Collaborators Within the Builder

New invite button that allows you to invite users straight from the builder

Collaboration just leveled up! You can now invite users straight from the builder itself. Simply type in the user's name, choose their role (designer or editor), and hit invite. It's that easy! Plus, you can manage pending invites, revoke project access, or cancel invites right from the same interface.

Double-Click to Edit Components

Say goodbye to the tedious process of clicking "Edit Master" every time you want to modify a component. With this update, you can simply double-click on any component, and boom – you're in editing mode! This intuitive and time-saving feature will surely make your workflow smoother and more efficient.

That's a wrap for the February updates! We hope these enhancements make your Ycode experience even more awesome. As always, if you need any assistance or have questions, check out our community – we're here to help!