Native real-time search and sorting in Ycode

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Native real-time search and sorting in Ycode

Get ready to upgrade your site with our built-in real-time filtering.

Unlike most other site builders, Ycode lets you create customized filters on the fly directly in our builder - no clunky add-ons or coding required.

Your users will love dynamically sorting and searching content without annoying page refreshes. Turning on real-time filtering takes only a couple of clicks, giving your Ycode site an instant boost in interactivity.

Benefits of Real-Time Filters:

  • Better user experience - Real-time filters provide users with a fluid, responsive search experience. As they apply filters like category, date range, and price, the results update dynamically, eliminating form submissions and page reloads.

  • Faster discovery - Users get to result sets faster without having to input the full criteria upfront. Real-time filters enable easy exploration and refinement.

  • Higher conversion rates - Real-time filters help users discover the right products faster, leading to increased conversions and sales.

  • Improved filtering accuracy - Users can fine-tune filters based on instant feedback versus guessing criteria. They can also combine multiple filters with ease.

  • Increase interaction time - Real-time filters lead to users spending more time engaging with search results as they can explore and refine iteratively.

  • Better mobile experience - Responsive real-time filters shine on mobile devices where form input is more tedious. No need to submit or wait for page reloads.

Whether you want to boost ecommerce conversion rates or help users quickly find relevant content, real-time filters take site search to the next level. The two-click upgrade revolutionizes UX with instant, interactive results tailored to each search.

Here's how:

After choosing your search element just:

  1. Click settings

  2. Click the behavior checkbox "Filter on value change".

And that's it you're ready to go!

Hidden feature

Our real-time filters create shareable URLs that update as you refine your search. Filter your results, copy the URL, and send it to colleagues or friends. They can then click to instantly see the same tailored results - no recreating complex searches.

You can use your Ycode collections or your Airtable base. It works either way.

And here's a quick how-to video with an example of how this works:

What now?

In summary, Ycode's new real-time search feature is set to make browsing and discovering content on your website easier and quicker. By allowing users to filter, sort and search content instantly without page refresh, it promises to transform how people interact with and explore your site.




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