Release notes: October 2023

Ycode team Nov 6, 2023

We've been working hard on some updates to improve the overall Ycode experience. Here's what we've done:

New Templates

We've added new templates to help kickstart your next Ycode project. Browse through the latest design options here.

Google Login

You can now easily log in to your Ycode site using your Google account. This allows faster access without needing to remember separate credentials.

Additional Tags

For more flexibility we've added new tags (details and summary) which you can set in the settings of the structure elements.

Default Image Sizes

Images now have preset size options to choose from. This helps your images look their best especially when you're users are loading the pages on your website.

Improved CMS UI

We've refined parts of the UI like collections to load faster and have more intuitive right-click management options.

Easier File Management

The file manager now makes it simpler to work with files and folders. You can easily bulk select, move, and delete as needed.

If you have any question or need help, check out our community.