New tools for multi-user collaboration!

Ycode team Sep 1, 2023

We're happy to announce a major new collaboration update to Ycode!

Here's how your team can benefit from these new features:

  • Multi-user editing - By collaborating simultaneously, your team can now eliminate delays caused by handing off work.

  • Profile images - Small avatars show which user is active on each page. When a user is editing in the canvas space, others can see changes happen in real-time.

  • Editing queue – While waiting their turn to edit, users can only access pages in read-only mode. This prevents team members from accidentally overriding each other's changes.

  • Automated access – Once a user finishes editing and leaves a page, the user next in line automatically gets access to all the editing tools.

  • User management - Team members can now access the user area straight from the canvas (makes adding and managing users a lot faster).

These updates have made a big difference in my personal workflow. I can jump into creating new content more fluidly now, without having to coordinate access to the site. The ability to collaborate smoothly has been a game-changer.

Speaking of teamwork, here are the essential apps we use to stay aligned:

Apps our team uses for collaboration

At Ycode, we now use the built-in collaboration tools for editing our website. Besides that, we use:

  • Slack - For daily collaboration and conversations

  • GitHub - To discuss features, fixes, and product updates

  • Zoom - Mainly for our weekly sprint meetings

  • Google Slides - Used for our sprints and Pecha Kuchas

  • 15Five - To check in on our team's pulse and progress

Now we're curious - how do you all stay coordinated? Any tips or apps worth mentioning?

Share your top collaboration tools

What are your favorite apps for seamless teamwork? Let us know on Twitter.

Don't forget to check out our video demo showing the new capabilities in action and as usual, let us know if any questions come up!