Ycode export service

With Ycode, you have full freedom and control over your web projects. Our export service delivers your complete project in high-quality code that can be easily read and continued by developers, and hosted outside of Ycode.

  • Control

    You own the code

  • Freedom

    Host your project wherever

  • Flexibility

    Extend with custom code

Why export code

You might want to build an MVP to deliver to a client, extend your no-code site with custom code, or host your project elsewhere. With Ycode, there’s no vendor lock-in. Our team can export your code, so you can take it anywhere you want and use it however you like!

Delivering clean, quality code

Ycode generates clean, high-quality code following best practices. The exported, open-source code is easily read and understood by developers. It can run on Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, AWS, and all hosting providers that support LAMP stack.

What you’ll receive

  • Backend

    Laravel PHP

  • Frontend

    Laravel blade templates with Tailwind CSS and Javascript

  • Database


Example exported source code

Curious to see what the export code looks like? Download the code of this marketplace project.

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Request a Ycode project export

The Ycode export service is available for a one-time fee per project. This semi-automated process includes manual checks by our development team to guarantee quality assurance. The entire process can take 5-20 days, depending on the project's complexity.


On the left is an indication of the costs. The total price depends on the project's size and complexity. As each project is unique, we’ll evaluate requests individually and contact you with a final quote.

  • Basic project with up to 10 pages
  • Additional page
  • Authentication
  • Database table
  • Airtable integration
  • Zapier integration
  • Form


What is code export?

Most no-code builders don’t allow you to take the code and host your project elsewhere. This is also called “vendor lock-in”, and many creators find this a disadvantage. Perhaps you want to build a one-time project to deliver to a client or pass on to a developer. That’s why Ycode offers an export service, where you’ll receive the source code of your project.

In what programming language/framework is the exported code?

For the backend, PHP (Laravel framework) is used, and in the frontend, you’ll have HTML, CSS (Tailwind), and Javascript. The database is PostgreSQL.

Is the exported code editable?

Yes, you can edit it yourself or give the code to a developer to extend or maintain it. The exported code is easy to read and edit for coders.

Does the exported code include database content?

Yes! The Ycode export contains all the content from your database(s).

Can I continue working on the project in Ycode after the export?

Sure! Your project remains in your dashboard. However, note that all changes you make afterwards will not be synced to the exported code. You’ll need to request a new, paid export to get the new version.

Will all elements function correctly when I host the project elsewhere?

Absolutely! Your project will function exactly the same as it does on Ycode.

Will password protected pages remain protected after I export the code?

Yes, the pages remain protected.

Can I export only a part of my app?

No, this is not possible. You’ll receive the code for your full project.

Do I need to provide any Ycode attribution if I host my app externally?

Nope! You own the exported code, so feel free to do whatever you want with it.

Will you help me with the deployment on external servers?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer any deployment support.

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