Advanced form

The advanced type form is a new form type introduced into Ycode, this is a more advanced type of form mostly used by users that already have some kind of private API already set up.

On the Canvas go to the Top panel and select the fourth icon, the Form icon, and select Form. On the pop-up choose Advanced and click on Add.

With the form selected, go to the right-hand side on Settings, under the Form section you will have Method, there are four different methods you can choose:

  • POST

  • GET



Finally, under Method you will have Action, here you will add the URL to which we will be connecting this form.

You can now add as many inputs as you want to your form, you can add them by having your Form selected, going to the Top panel selecting the fourth icon, the Form icon, and then choosing which elements and inputs you want to add to your form.

Once done don’t forget to add a Button to your form!

Now we have to create a workflow for our form Button element, the workflow we want to create is under Data -> Submit form, this way when the form Button is clicked the information will be added to our database.

If you don’t know how to create a workflow please check our workflow documentation.