The Airtable integration will sync the information of your Airtable tables with Ycode and allow you to use this data in your canvas.

With this, you can use Airtable data instead of a Ycode collection, or use both within one project.

Where to find Airtable integration

Let’s start by going to your Connections, you can do so by going to the left sidebar and clicking on the third icon. Once here click on the + sign and choose Airtable.

Give your collection a name, and now it’s time to connect your table to Ycode. You will need to add your Personal Acess Token to Ycode, you can create and manage your tokens in your Airtable account setting.

When creating a token make sure to add the following scopes: schema.bases:read, data.records:read and data.records:write as Ycode requires them to access your data.

Finally, add which bases and workspaces you want Ycode to be able to access.

Once done, copy the token Airtable will give you and add it to the Connections under Personal Acess Token.

Done you now have Airtable added to your Ycode project and can show, add, edit or delete that information through the canvas!