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Template requirements

Make sure your template meets these requirements before submitting it.

Design, layout & structure
  • Strong understanding of graphic design principles: including contrast, typography, layout, balance, hierarchies, and proportion.

  • Keeps up with the latest trends in web design.

  • Visually appealing designs with interesting and creative layouts.

  • Logical layer structure and naming.

  • Looks great on all devices and breakpoints.

  • Components should be used for navigation, footers and repeating elements.

  • Visuals should be crisp on retina devices and cropped nicely, (@2x) on retina devices.

  • Pages should have unique layouts (avoid repetitive page designs that have minimal structural changes).

  • All links in the template work and point to a valid URL.

  • Name your collections and fields in a way that would normally exist in that category of a website. E.g. Blog collection with fields of: Description, Author, Content and Image.

  • Collections should have at least 3 items per a collection. Avoid use of excessive Lorem Ipsum.

  • Form fields should have correct settings. E.g. Email field should not be text type field.

  • Forms should be working and set up with workflows.

  • Name workflows to ensure it gives understanding of what it does.

  • Elements that needs IDs should be named for their purpose, e.g. submitting form button could have “button-filter” ID.

Template name
  • Give a name that is not the same or includes the name as a category.

  • Preferably, choose a single word to name your template.

Custom code
  • Custom code (in site settings, in embeds, in page settings) is not allowed in templates.

  • Do not generate an API token or add any third-party integrations to the project.

  • Template should be published to domain.

  • Template does not use copyrighted content such as images, videos or custom fonts.

  • Project should not contain any unused components, styles and assets.

Template purchasing

Sell your template through a platform like Lemon Squeezy or Gumroad and include the clonable link to your product in the form below.

Template support

It is the responsibility of template designers to offer support to their customers. On each template preview page, you will find the creator's email address, where customers can reach out and ask their questions.

If customers have any inquiries or issues specifically related to Ycode bugs and features, they should direct those questions to Ycode support.


Template review takes up to 5 days.

Reasons your template could get rejected
  • Weak visual hierarchy or layout.

  • Inconsistent use of typography, sizing, spacing, color.

  • Lack of uniqueness or creativity.

  • Design elements that are not visually appealing.

  • Too similar to existing templates.

  • Low-resolution or poorly rendered images or graphics.

  • Missing links.

  • Not properly optimized for mobile devices.

  • Overuse of animations.

  • Not working forms, workflows.

  • Inclusion of copyrighted or inappropriate material.

  • Price does not align with the quality, complexity, or comprehensiveness of the template.

  • Overly simple or basic, missing crucial features or functionality.

Template approved

Once we have reviewed your template and determined that it meets our standards, we will inform you via email with provided link to the published template on

Designer agreement

  • Template creator is responsible for the graphic asset licenses used in the template. Images, icons and other graphic assets used in the template should be allowed for resale and redistribution by the copyright holder.

  • Templates with bugs will not be accepted and can be removed.

  • Templates that do not perform well or are outdated will be taken down.

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