March Updates

March Updates

March 31, 2024

We have improved our drag-and-drop experience. Implemented custom shadows and exporting collections to a CSV file.


  • Edit collection items in editor mode.

  • Custom shadows.

  • CMS Collection export to CSV.


  • Updating default pagination styles.

  • Dragging experience from add sidebar.

  • Lightbox for Airtable sources.

  • Do not add srcset & sizes for SVG images.

  • Restrict design controls for elements, that do not need it.

  • Closable right sidebar in Editor mode.

  • Removing inline-block on Columns, Rows, Collection elements.


  • Sometimes inconsistent behaviour when adding a link inside a collection to a collection field.

  • Collection inside collection changing layer structure.

  • Sorting in canvas sometimes doesn't work.

  • Rows, columns and grids have source when inside a collection.

  • Fix workflows not always working in the builder preview iframe.

  • Component editing: Canvas overflow issues.

  • Fix for publishing / caching issues.

  • Free plan badge for light UI.