Visual development platform
for designers and agencies

Visual development platform for designers and agencies

With Ycode, you can transform ideas into dynamic and database driven websites. Visually build and design beautiful, responsive web projects without compromising your vision.

Full design control is in your hands

Reusable styles

Create and reuse styles for your elements across whole project.


Adapt web apps to different device sizes and optimize responsiveness.


Save groups of elements as components and reuse them for quicker building.

Powerful dynamic data


Create your own local database and add data manually or in bulk via CSV-import.

Dynamic elements

Make content dynamic by connecting elements in your layout to data fields in a local database.

Filters, sorting & search

Use filters to show specific content and sorting to display content alphabetically or in a specific date range.

Conditional visibility

Show or hide elements in a dynamic design and create unique designs based on different criteria.


Control how many items are shown per page, style pagination buttons.


Establish database relationships, like assigning an author to each blog post.

Dynamic SEO

Auto-generate titles, descriptions and social share content from database fields.

File upload for forms

Let visitors upload files with a file upload input inside data type forms.


User authentication

Generates dedicated pages for signup, login, password reminder, new password and confirmations.

Personalized records

Use data from logged-in users and show only records that relate to them.

Managed by users

Let app users create, update and remove their own records.


Submit forms

Set up workflow to automatically add information submitted by a user via a form to a local database.

Delete database records

Allow users to delete a database record after a specific element is clicked.

Show or hide elements

Show or hide elements after an element is clicked (e.g. to show pop-ups).

Send emails

Send auto-emails each time a specific action is done (e.g. element is clicked).

Redirect users

Redirect users to another app page after a specific event.

Wait seconds

Wait a number of seconds before the next event is triggered.

But that's not all

Ycode is packed full of other features that help you build data driven web project with no code.

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