Release notes: July 2023

August 6, 2023

Check out this quick rundown of all the awesome features we added last month. It’s the fastest way to get yourself up to speed with the major Ycode updates.

Copy and Paste Across Projects

One of our top new features is the ability to copy and paste elements across projects with ease. Now you can select any element or group of elements, copy them, and paste them directly into another project. This makes reusing sections and resources incredibly simple - no more recreating things from scratch each time! For maximum efficiency, you can even have a dedicated project just for reusable elements.

New Slider element

We’ve added a versatile slider element that lets your website visitors cycle through images, text, or any elements you want. You can find the slider element in the elements sidebar. Just add it to your page and customize the transition effects and slider settings. With a few tweaks, you can have an eye-catching slider ready to go.

New prebuilt testimonials layout

The new prebuilt testimonials section leverages our new slider functionality. You can showcase customer reviews easily with this layout. The testimonial slider allows you to feature multiple reviews in a dynamic, rotational format that saves space. And you can adjust the slider settings to get the transition effects and timing exactly how you want. With this new prebuilt section, it’s easy to highlight diverse customer feedback in an eye-catching way.

“Load More” pagination option

Elements connected to collections now have a “load more” pagination option. Rather than paginating through full page reloads, “Load more” lets users fetch additional content instantly with a click. It’s seamless for the user and simple to set up.

“Or” filters for collections

Before, collection filters limited you to a single search criteria, like only filtering blog titles or content separately. Now with the “Or” option, you can pull content from multiple collection fields at once. For example, you can now search blog titles and content simultaneously to showcase a wider variety of related articles with a single search. The “Or” option makes it easy for you to display more varied content matching any filter, rather than being restricted to just one field or data point.

Conditional visibility for collections

Conditional visibility for collections lets you show or hide block elements based on criteria you configure. For example, you can set a message to appear saying “No posts found” while hiding the posts container when empty. This enables tailored prompts in place of content when conditions aren’t met.

More styling options for form elements

You can now customize form elements (like radio buttons and checkboxes) with options for colors, typography, and more. This advanced level of style control makes your forms blend seamlessly with your brand design. It’s a unique feature that will help your forms stand out from the plain defaults.

Allowing background images via URL

This adds to the existing options of uploaded or CMS images. With the new tab for adding images via URL, you have greater choice over image sourcing for backgrounds and other uses. While a minor enhancement, the external URL capability grants expanded utility for use cases relying on dynamic or external images. This last one is a minor improvement, but I know it’s a welcomed addition to some. a

So what do you think?

With these latest additions, Ycode is better equipped than ever to build exactly the sites you envision. Check out the video recap and let us know which new feature you’re most excited to use!