Release notes: September 2023

Ycode team Oct 2, 2023

Get up to speed quickly on all the great new features we implemented last month. This summary highlights the most important Ycode updates you need to know.

New site caching

We made some updates to the site caching system which will make the site run faster for visitors and clients. But we’re not stopping at that. Soon things will get even faster!


Here's a list of all the main options you're getting with the lightbox feature:

  • Thumbnails

  • Dark or light overlays

  • Keyboard shortcuts

  • With CMS Support

  • Lightbox grouping

  • Animation controls

  • Flexible triggers

  • Multiple images

You can find the lightbox element in the utilities section of the elements sidebar. For the detailed breakdown, check out the dedicated Lightbox blog post.

New row and column elements

We added two new elements to the builder. These are div blocks with preset layout settings and additional blocks for rows and columns, respectively. These help build things out faster.

Other Improvements

  • Various UI tweaks to streamline the editing experience

  • No need to add Google fonts manually, they're now preloaded

  • Collection ordering saved across sessions

  • The Designer user type gets additional permissions (access to project settings)

  • New component controls for easy renaming and deleting

New Templates

Fresh templates added weekly to the template library - click here.

New Services section

We added a new section to our website, for those of you who need additional professional help with your web projects.

With these latest upgrades, Ycode has even more capabilities to build the site you envision. Check out the video overview and let me know which addition you're most excited to use!