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Create professional CMS driven websites without writing any code.

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Ycode website builder
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Ycode website builder
Ycode website builder
Ycode website builder
Ycode website builder
Ycode website builder
Ycode website builder
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Full control in your hands

Everything you design should look and feel amazing. Our visual editor gives you full control to create CMS driven websites that impress.

Design and Structure

Your designs should be nothing short of spectacular. Our visual editor gives you the power to craft stunning designs that will leave an impact.

Design properties and settings in Ycode.

Structure content for your needs and organize your data - manual or bulk imports made easy.

CMS - Blog posts collection

Collect information from your website visitors, let them filter and find most relavant content on your website.

Two form examples, filter and data.

Create page load, while scrolling, scroll into view, click and hover interations.


Boost your website's SEO with optimized controls, fast hosting, and flexible content management tools.

SEO with social share settings.

Set up triggers to send emails, display elements and more.

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Connect your Airtable base and use it as CMS for you website.

Airtable base a directory of designers.

Unlock more user features with built-in authentication.

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Pick a template you like, customize it to fit your style without writing any code.

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For big websites with advanced features.

Growing community

Join other designers, creators and founders building websites with Ycode.

Laís Lara Vacco

Product Designer

I built already 3 websites for my clients using Ycode. Glad to have had the support of the Ycode team and also the great templates available! I’m a big fan of how simple and straightforward the Ycode UI is.

Piotr Bak

Founder of Digital Agency

If you're looking for a powerful and user-friendly Webflow alternative, Ycode is a top contender. It's redefining web development by putting the design and functionality in your hands, no code required.

Sengthai Phoeng

Founder of Hope Design

I'm so happy I discovered Ycode. It has been a game-changer for my web design career. I used to struggle with Webflow, which was too expensive and complicated for me. But with Ycode, I can create beautiful websites for my clients in no time.


Founder of Notion Plates

Over the past five months, I've had a blast with Ycode as I've developed a Notion template marketplace on their platform. The user interface is outstanding, and their support is top-notch.

Mikael Larsen

Designer at BK Aktiweb

Top of the art tool for designing websites compared to Webflow. Also GDPR compliant in many ways and the team is engaging with the community on new releases.

Anthony Weinkopff

Director at Embrace Tutoring

Ycode has been essential for the growth of our company. Website security used to be a big problem, but after switching to Ycode it was no longer a concern. Ycode has been one of the best investments for us, and we would recommend Ycode to anyone that needs a reliable website.

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